Resolve Hard Disk Issues in Windows PC via Online Technical Support

Are you coming across a boot failure error, when you try to boot computer device? Have you done troubleshoot to fix the issue, but all waste? What next to be done to resolve hard disk error on the computer system? Should I contact Online Tech Support Company?

Hardisk Error

All above questions must be striking in your mind. Hard to digest, hard disk are the most frustrating ones, specially when you’re not sure about the issue relation with software or hardware part.

When the hard disk fails to run properly, crashes randomly, reboots randomly or runs slowly, it’s quite important you must save your files onto external disk or another device before making an effort to find the root cause. Rather experts would suggest to avail online support.

Hard disk is the important part of the computer machine where all files and folders are saved, its unexpected failure brings a disappointing situation in front of users. When hard disk breakdowns it is important to do the data recovery. However, one can still find a way to restore files from hard disk.

Just read the blog to have better knowledge about the main causes behind hard disk crashing and what measures can be taken to encounter any such condition.

  1. Identify Hard Disk Issues

Connecting with Online Technical Support is one of the most cost-effective ways that you have when you get smallest hint about hard disk failure, thereby allowing a technician to identify and eliminate technical snag. Fixing the real issue on your own is possible only when technical knowledge is present. A number of warning signs are also there, but all you can’t know without technical expertise.

For example, if computer device crashes on regular basis and a lot of noise is made, overheats on usage, then this can be fixed simply by cleaning the computer device regularly.

  1. Viruses and Malware Attack

If slow working of computer is experienced, this shows hard disk issue is related to software, comprising spyware or viruses. All you have to do is, get a strong and robust antivirus application that can both identify hidden threats and permanently remove them. Make sure to update virus removal software definitions on regular basis. This way you can remove viruses and stop frequent crashing of hard disk.

  1. Hard Disk Head Malfunction

The other common reason behind hard disk failure is head issues, caused when the hard disk is scratched along the surface where data is saved. You know the fact that read-and-write works in same way as needle over the record. What if breakdowns happen with it? It will cause trouble to the hard disk, thereby ends into crashes and loss of data files.

The best means to stop this snag is to place disk in right position that prevents physical harm. Another vital point is improper shutting down the computer every time you are done with the work, as such shutting down can cause issues if the device is processing any data and the read- write mechanism are disturbed.

The other reason behind hard disk issues is extreme use of the computer device. It usually happens when a number of programs are opened simultaneously and take memory at the same time. Keep in mind that if a system crashes on regular basis, higher is the chance that it will struggle at the time of booting. If the PC gets too exhausted due to several programs running and there is a chance of viruses or spyware presence, so connect with Online Technical Support.

  1. Disk Defragmentation

This process is the best approach to not only avoid crashing, but also to gather scattered files and making your computer device more organized. Hence, enjoy high quality system performance by keeping the hard disk secure via online technicians.


4 Significant Security Trends to Consider in the Year 2019

New year fervor is in the air! Not just users but even the online tech support mavens are excited to enjoy the upgrades in a variety of applications, software programs, and devices. But in excitement, we should not forget what our digital world has been suffering from the past few years. Moreover, we must be vigilant about every rudimentary to major subject pertaining to cyber-security.



This year, we had come across several threatening news encompassing information about data-breaches, identity thefts, and many other cyber-attacks. We should not let the things repeat. At the time of new year, we all must have the resolution to win the battle against the rapidly growing cybercrimes. Don’t be surprised! Although simple users (even without tech know-how) yet you can play a vital role in making the coming and all other future years safe. What you can do? Stay conversant with the approaching security-related trends so as to have most out of the precautionary measures and tools, in addition to keeping the threat and vulnerabilities at bay. Starting from now onwards, let’s have a look at…

Security Trends the Year 2019 will Bring along with the Tactics to be Prepared

1. Hidden cryptocurrency miners will continue to multiply. Taking benefits of this increase, the malware designers will attempt to disrupt the businesses. Allowing hackers to generate quick cash for themselves, crypto mining will flourish as a perilous threat.

Maintain an eagle-eyed lookout and use state-of-the-art tools and applications designed to detect and remove such dangerous exploits.

2. Better Automation That’ll be Crucial for Defenders Can be the Game Changer: As threats are becoming more complex day by day, securing the devices, personal details, and networks seem very arduous. To decrease the complexities in order to ease the process of ensuring safety, the cybersecurity and online tech support companies are expected to come with better security tools and tips.

You are supposed to properly use the protection suites that are going to launch in 2019. Holding more sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) features, these upcoming trends will for sure aid you.

3. If Users don’t Play Responsibly, Cloud Security Can Remains a Snag. A number of people complained that cloud security fails in keeping data secure. Well! The real cause was the configuration errors arose due to users’ negligence. So, there’s a need that every user should understand his/her responsibilities so as to prevent becoming the weak link that appears as holes in robust cloud security.

Don’t neglect your role and achieve the best out of the expected new cloud security features that’ll launch in 2019.

4. The old Need of Having Backup will Persists In 2019 as well. Sad but you can’t evade backing up your vital data even after being facilitated with the high-tech security tools of the coming year. This is because the tricky malware that impacts the hard disk drives, the operating system will continue.

Hence, be habitual of keeping backups of your significant files along with learning the tactics and having tools that enhance your antivirus’s power of threat detection and eradication in 2019.

Bottom Line: These are some of the top predictions and trends in regards to the coming year. It is obvious that the online attackers will continue making attempts to execute a number of data breaches and cyber-attacks. Hopefully, the aforementioned suggestions by online tech support company in Australia will keep you away from many of them in the year 2019. However, these 4 are not all! We’ll soon come up with more trends.


4 Online Privacy Myths That Turn Your PC Vulnerable

Every new cyber-attack or data breach results in putting a major concern in front of the digital world. The apprehension over ‘how safe and private the data of billions of internet surfers really is?’ Well! For being accustomed to the clear answer to this question, you need to go through the below content. This is not all! The blog by online tech support experts will also make you aware of some myths that can turn your online privacy susceptible.


 As the usage of the internet (regardless of the purpose) continues to surge, Wi-Fi connections nowadays appear just like a basic requirement. Almost all the public spaces encompassing coffee shops, hotels, malls, schools, universities, and even vehicles have Wi-Fis. However, every such open network isn’t necessarily secure, hence, there’s a need to ensure that your devices are protected while you browse online in public places. Apart from this, a number of myths that we take as truth in order to stay safe can also put us at risk instead of acting as precautionary measures.

 List of Top Online Privacy Myths

 In order to keep our online data safe and private, we should never fall for the detrimental myths. Some of the top methodologies with regards to online privacy and cybersecurity that people usually trust in are as follows:           

  1. Public Wi-Fis are Safe: Most or we can say almost all people are desirous of using the free Wi-Fis. Undoubtedly, such publicly available connections facilitate users with tons of benefits like downloading videos, streaming favorite media, etc. But in actuality, as hackers can easily infect the devices connected to these sorts of networks, accessing and using them sounds risky.

Hence, if possible, evade linking to public Wi-Fis.

  1. Private Browsers Never Leak Our Data: This is the long-held and biggest misconception about online privacy. If you feel that your privacy isn’t compromised as you are working in private mode or deploying an incognito window, then think again. According to an online technical support companythese features can reduce susceptibilities to a large extent. But thinking that the devices with such aspects hold zero vulnerability is equivalent to inviting cybercriminals.

Instead of relying on ‘incognito window’ or private browsing’, install a robust security suite in addition to a strong VPN that’ll keep the online snoops at bay.

  1. Setting up the Same Password for Every Account Is Good: It appears to be the most common and childish myth. Using one (same) password for a number of accounts bestow you with just one benefit i.e. you don’t have to bear the pain of remembering so many passwords. But this will make you fall prey to cyber-attack where cybercriminals can have the advantage of accessing all your accounts by unlocking/cracking just one password.

Therefore, you are recommended to use a unique and strong password for each of your online account and device.  

  1. Once deleted, the data leaves no vulnerabilities: Deleting fodders or emptying your PC’s Recycle Bin doesn’t mean that the data is gone forever. Actually, formatting your bin, hard drives, or other storage places on your system leaves traces of the removed files. As the hackers are very much familiar to the recovery tools, they can easily retrieve your data from these traces.

Erase data on your hard drive by using software that wipes it completely and aptly. Be cautious while selling your hard drives or computers. Sell them after being sure that they are squeaky clean.

So, these were the myths and their solutions that if focused while browsing online will keep your information to yourself. Hence, next time whenever you go online, don’t forget to revise them. If you want to be conversant about safety tips in context to other online concerns, keep reading blogs by Online Tech Support Company in Australia.

A Brief Intro to the Trendy Facebook’s Fight Against Ad-Blocker


Are you an avid reader who stay vigilant to online trends? Or Are you a Facebook lover? You have possibly come across statistics about Facebook’s hidden fight against the ad-blockers. If you are keen to get information encompassing ‘what it is to what impact it made to more’, this article is for you. Rendered with the aid of adept Online Technical Support professionals, it is obliging even if you are unaware of this matter but inquisitive about knowing ‘how your lovable FB is turning better?’

 For good understanding, let’s start with…

 What is Facebook?

 Abbreviated as FB, Facebook is a popular and vast social networking website with millions of existing users and hundreds are adding on daily basis. Allowing users to post and share photographs, links, comments, etc., it has become the most entertaining site that users love browsing for hours and hours.     

 What features does Facebook hold?

Features that are responsible for the great popularity of Facebook are as follows: 

  • Facebook facilitates users to create and maintain friend lists and to set the privacy settings as per their preference. As an FB user, you are free to opt who can view the posts, comments, etc., on your profile.
  • Facebook benefits businesses by allowing easy and effective social media marketing.
  • This is a platform that enables you to upload and share photos.
  • It allows online chatting, audio and video calling. 

Now, after being quite conversant to this great social media site let’s begin with further content directed by mavens at reliable Online Technical Support Company.       

What Tactics does Facebook Implement to Thwart Ad-blockers? 

In order to win the hidden battle, the professionals working for this huge and widely used social network injects up to dozens of code lines on almost every page. This is to make the task of detecting and hiding the sponsored posts really difficult or near to impossible for the ad-blockers. 

But unluckily this attempt is founded to turn the site less efficient and prevent software like screen readers from working appropriately. This type of software is used by impaired users. To block advertising, the developers try to determine patterns within the website’s code which are likely to be identified and hidden consistently. For the plug-in, it appears easy to detect the word ‘sponsored’ or to spot a container labeled as ‘ad’ within the webpage’s code. Hence, companies such as Facebook deploy coding tricks that obfuscate their ads. 


Some of the operative tricks/ tactics Facebook deploys to fool the ad-blocking plug-ins are:

  • Breaking and/or isolating the word – ‘sponsored’ into a number of small chunks. Each chunk holds only one or maximum two letters.
  • Inserting some extra letters within the word Sponsored. For example – ‘SpSonSsoSredS’. Remember – they are not visible (hidden) to the viewer/ reader.  
  • Adding the vital word to almost all the posts available on the news feed on regular basis even those which are not ads. After that, another piece of code is used to hide the same on non-ads.

Taking care of the users, Facebook facilitates them with some controls in order to influence the advertisements they come across. In addition, you can’t select and control watching ads entirely but you can undoubtedly influence the kinds of ads you view. It is possible by giving feedbacks or hiding advertisers or ads that you don’t wish to see again.

Wrapping Up:  Online ads are common while browsing websites nowadays. Hope, the attempt that leaders are making to win the arduous battle against ad-blockers will prove beneficial to the users. If there’s any doubt in association with the aforementioned statistics or if you are desirous of more details, consult the deft Online Technical Support Company in Australia.

How to Resolve Printer Errors with Online Tech Support?

Did your printer stop recognizing the computer to which it is connected someday? Or Have you come across an error message – ‘Printer not responding’? Don’t worry! Online Tech Support Company is here to serve you with the peerless solutions by its certified experts. Just go through the obliging assistance and experience an instant resolution.

pictute 1

Nowadays, printers are needed almost everywhere, either it is a home with a single user or a company of hundred employees. To meet the rapidly cumulative demand for printing machines, brands keep on providing the marketplace with more advanced and better printers. Undoubtedly, the accuracy and efficiency of the branded printers are capable of delivering the great user experience. But the thing to consider is – ‘what a non-technical individual can do if his/her printer stops responding to the command from the connected computer?’ First of all, the user whose printer start facing this error should stay calm. After that, he/she needs to look for the issue related cause and solution that’s available in the below content.

Why ‘Printer Not/Stopped Responding’ Error Occurs?

Reasons that can lead to this error include:

• Print Spooler
• Poor Connectivity
• Printer Drivers Failure
• Corrupt Hardware Status, etc.

How to resolve Printer Not/Stopped Responding Error?

The adept professionals at Online Tech Support Company Australia always stay ready to render the best solution to the victims encountering such errors. The steps encompassed here are helpful in making people get rid of this issue instantly.

Pic 2

• On getting a message displaying printer not responding an issue, you as a user should start the solution by checking the connection between your printer and computer. After ensuring that both the devices are properly connected, restart all your device.

• All Windows (10, 7, or other) devices are featured with a built-in printer troubleshooter. It can help you in diagnosing and fixing the printer-related glitches. So, use it and enjoy the efficient fixation.

• Printer Spooler refers to a sort of print service that manages all the tasks associated with print. But some technical faults or bugs can arise the ‘printing machine not responding appropriately’ hitch. If the issue is due to Printer Spooler then it can be resolved simply by restarting the same.

• The printer can also reject and/or ignore the command if it is not configured to the correct port. Hence, to ensure smooth and error-free working, it is necessary to configure your printing machine to the precise port.

• Sometimes, the corrupt or outdated printer drivers are the reasons responsible for error where printer doesn’t follow the command from your computer. In those cases, solutions can easily be achieved just by reinstalling and/or updating printer driver to its latest version.

At last: Being properly implemented, the aforementioned guidelines have served a number of users with an instant resolution of their ‘Printer Not and/or Stopped Responding’ error. You should also deploy these instructions and try to fix the issue yourself. However, if you face trouble at any step of the procedure, contact the proficient Online Tech Support providers. They will fix the snag for you within no time and at affordable prices.


With the promising online tech support feel absolutely safe and sound

With the most rapidly increasing online threats, it becomes essential to remain safe. PCs, laptops and other important devices are at a high risk. In such scenarios, users feel shaky and confused about what to do. If there is a need to feel secure, it is good to be in contact with the best online tech support company. The team present is talented and have the best solutions to keep the performance as well as the security of the devices intact. Moreover, there is a 100% guarantee of positive results. So, if there is any technical issue or doubt regarding the working of the devices, consulting the experts would be the best.

It is good to recommend online tech support company in Australia when thinking of fetching help.


The basic solutions available are:

  • Get in touch with the apt TuneUp and antivirus services.
  • Emphasis on the best security structure and internet security forum.
  • Get the correct solutions, concerning cleaner, PrivacyFix and associated branded products.
  • With the best antivirus software, the users can find the best business security as well.
  • Attain help regarding web threats related with the branded apps.
  • Deal with the mobile security structure and with right computer performance.

Added supports for the users in store:

  • The user witnessing a slow performance of a computer.
  • The Computer is unable to start properly.
  • Instant help is provided regarding the irritating pop-ups and advertisements.

Why choose the best online tech support?

  • 24 hours non-stop services.
  • Instant help for the web threats
  • Tech experts are talented and have authorized license
  • Professionals are available for emergency services.

Online tech support services by TechNetOnlines is regarded as the best and when it seems important. Fetching them comes up to be the best choice. The tech support experts remain available all day to help the users with their issues. The talented team and of course their response make the users go in the very first time.

Along with the best computer repair services, the website deals in offering:

  • Virus removal help
  • Printer help and Support
  • Apple Support
  • Antivirus help and support

With the best in class services and ability to solve the trickiest issues, there is surely a certainty that the users would love to connect. For contacting the experts, it is good to contact them at their toll-free number or chat and email services. With the amazing services like these keep the users informed and without any further hurdles. Coming to the expertise then there is no match as compared to other available support groups.

The team members do not see day and night as they just focus on simplifying the problems of the users. This is the reason why users try to be in contact with the experts to attain the expected results. The number and other support services help in making the users updated and free from any sort of issue. So, avail the online tech support services and feel relaxed.