What Does Google Recommend in Order to Beat the Recent Zero-day Bug?

Are you accustomed to what Google revealed? If yes, then do you know what’s actually happening? If no, then you should be familiarized with what is going on as it is the matter of the security of your device and data. This blog by a few passionate online technical support executives will deliver almost all the information needed in order to stay secure against the zero-day bug in Google Chrome.


Last week, an update from Google’s Chrome rolled out. After that, Google came up with a piece of news that the update addressed a security hole. Worst – the cybercriminals were already taking advantage of that vulnerability. The susceptibility found affecting the browser in Windows, Linux, and even Mac.

What is Zero-day Exploit?

A zero-day is a susceptibility that trespasser(s) have uncovered and exploited before the developer(s) found and fixed it. In other words, the “zero-day” refers to the time period developers take to detect and troubleshoot the issue prior to it is exploited.

As Google has innumerable security researchers and experts working to discover and resolve any bug before the hackers start exploiting the precise one, it is quite surprising that ‘Google being hit by zero-day bug’. But unfortunately, this time it appears as Google – the famous giant was caught. This security hole in Chrome appears as ‘use-after-free’ memory corruption exploits in the FileReader API of the browser.

FileReader API is a browser element developed with an intention to enable online applications to read files that are stored locally. Sad but true – exploitation of this hole can lead to remarkably perilous damages. Additionally, it can help the attackers to remotely inject the arbitrary codes on the target systems. The hackers could then harm the user by installing unwanted programs on their systems in addition to read, modify, or remove important data.

How to Keep the Zero-day Exploit at bay?

Since the bug can be triggered when users get tempted to a specially created web page, it is recommended to upgrade your Chrome to version 72.0.3626.121. If you have already done it, then good. Are you unaware of your browser’s edition and wants to check if the update is pending? Check it out by opening the address bar of your browser and typing chrome://settings/help in that. If the browser found outdated, contact the professionals of a reliable online tech support company in Australia & ask them to help you in updating it.

Others precautionary measures that avert you from falling victim to such exploits encompass:

  • Install Robust Antivirus Software
  • Ensure Your Operating System Is Up-to-date
  • Make Sure All Your Applications Are Up-to-date
  • Use Secure Browser That Too with the Latest Version
  • Set Hard-to-detect Passcodes and Use a Password Manager

Hope, the information along with the safety tips accessible in this guide will help you in beating the zero-day bug. In case, your system is already a victim to any of such exploits, it is your responsibility to save its life by getting the issue fixed by the adept computer repair technical support mavens.  


Why choose Online Tech Support services for common technical issues?

Facing issues with your computer and tablets is a common scenario. You can face any problem at any time. What is more important here is to know how to handle the issue with ease. As users, one must be vigilant enough to tackle each and every issue wisely. There are innumerable issues that can have an adverse effect on the overall performance of a PC, hence it is important to remain in contact with the best solution providers to resolve the problem with efficacy. The availability of professionals makes it even easier for users to attain the best solutions. Here, in the blog, we will be going through the best points that can convey a clear message that how these services can help in keeping every technical issue at bay.


Consider Experts your Reliable Tech Friend

Well, you need to be open with the experts when seeking help. Your every issue connected with the device can certainly be fixed with a clear discussion. The technicians at Online Tech support Company in Australia remain ready to fix every issue with ease. They have a clear understanding of every minute technical issue that can take place in any situation. They analyze every issue with keen monitoring to offer users an immediate solution to their issues.

Choose the best remote tech support now!

Selecting the best remote tech support is now easy. The experts understand the importance of the personal data and so they make sure that users feel safe while accessing the computer remotely to resolve any sort of tech problem. Users can trust on the professionals for secure online tech assistance. They also have a talented team of certified experts who are ready to take up the calls to instantly solve all the complex issues quickly.

Why do you need professional assistance?

Most of the technical glitches are too complex to handle. A simple user like us cannot face that issue alone, so it is better to fetch assistance from the experts. They have the best solutions which can be used to tackle even minutest of the issue with ease. The technicalities often can create a lot of complications and can give birth to unidentified problems. Seeking professional guidance can keep a lot of issues at bay and can be productive in many ways. So, timely assistance can for sure help in keeping every confusion out of the mind.

So, choosing professional guidance is quite beneficial. Going through the aforementioned steps can be quite productive and certainly be helpful in fixing the problems in a better way. Handling each and every issue single-handedly can be quite complicated. So, opting for expert advice in this way can provide a professional outlook altogether. It is always better to go for a reliable Online Tech Support Company in every way can provide the best solutions at any given time.


A Brief Overview of a Perilous Ransomware & Tips to Stop It


Undoubtedly, names of several ransomware dangers are not just strange but funny as well. For instance – ‘Bad Rabbit’. As the name provides a picture of any villainous bunny, anyone can hardly digest that it’s a malware that damaged hundreds of businesses in Europe. Additionally, the funny-named ransomware SamSam that surprised everyone last year is also one of the most devastating malware strains ever released or disseminated. Whether aware of these names or not, if you’re surfing the internet and/or using PCs, smartphones, etc., this blog by online tech support maestros is for you.

To know why?

Because ransomware’s dictionary doesn’t include the words like ‘pity’, ‘mercy’, or other with the same feeling and can hit anyone. Before attacking, it never thinks that the target is an individual, small business, or large organization, meaning that everyone is susceptible. Hope, this is enough to make you understand that regardless of you use a single computer or many gadgets, each is at risk to be victim to ransomware attack. Now, when you understood that such tricky malicious programs are harmful to all who browse the web, be vigilant and go through the further guide. It will aid you in staying safe against damages due to the worst SamSam & many other malevolent files.                 

What is SamSam?

It is a secretly developed and launched ransomware that has been targeting enterprises opted by its developers. It is ransomware software that was created to executes a number of more devastations in addition to just help hackers for locking up their target’s device like other earlier ransomware programs. Hence, the task to combat this ransomware is really more arduous in comparison to the previous ones. As per engineers at experienced online tech support company in Australia, no traditional defensive strategies can stop it.

What Sounds Worst? While one SamSam strain is in use, the ransomware coders come up with another succeeding strain.    

What Can or Should You Do?

So far, the tactic this perilous ransomware deploys to disseminate itself and harm people includes an act of accessing victims’ networks through web-facing servers. It travels in form of an executable file and gets unleashed via Remote Desktop Protocols. Therefore, while there is option to prevent it by locking down the specific RDP, the best strategy encapsulates a policy covering activities such as:    

  • Enforce an RDP policy
  • Keep all the software programs updated
  • Set the OS running on your device to get automatically update
  • Secure all your IoTs with robust antivirus that update itself automatically
  • Consider maintaining the security of the cloud technology you are using to save the backup of your data
  • Forbids unauthorized individuals from having access to your administrative privileges.

All these are the proven safety tweaks that keep several ransomware dangers including SamSam & others at bay. So, the knowledgeable and proficient experts at a trustworthy online tech support company suggest you to stay diligent in exercising the cybersecurity tips.


Brief About Microsoft’s Announcement on Ending Support for Windows 7

The June month of last year was flooded with the talks that Microsoft is going to shut down the official support for Windows 7. Now, with the new year, it appears that the brand has really made its mind to sundown Windows 7. Having questions like; why the company is doing so? What will happen after this? What to do if you are using a device running with this OS? Let’s go through this blog by avid professionals of an online tech support company in Australia and be accustomed to solutions to these as well as other related queries.  

Brief About Microsoft’s Announcement on Ending Support for Windows 7

How the World Came to Know About This Act by Microsoft?

Stating that the brand will end offering support for this specific operating system from 14th January of 2020, an updated Windows lifecycle monitoring sheet expose this info. Telling that Microsoft is not at all in a mood to continue with any more security fixes or updates for Windows 7 after the mentioned date, it warns users with this OS-powered computers or laptops that they can use it for just one more year.     

Prior to this announcement on cessation of forum support for users of Windows 7, Microsoft decided to end the mainstream support for the same in the first quarter of 2015. But that seems to generate ambiguities, hence the company extended timeline to terminate the services in January month of next year. It is really sad for Windows 7 users as they are left with a minimum time of only one year at their disposal. But on the other side, it’s a quite long time in which the users can easily shift to newer versions. Are you also in the list of those who are still clinging to the old operating system? Please be vigilant and switch to a suitable edition as it is not just important but necessary to stay away from cyber-attacks that can occur due to security fixes’ paucity from Microsoft’s end.

Do Users Can Get Anything from Microsoft?              

An answer to this question can be achieved by reading the report collected & disseminated by the online tech support company. As per the report by researchers of this firm, Microsoft explained that the extended support will serve regular customers with paid technical assistance, security updates, and non-security updates. The brand will neither accept nor work on requests for design modifications, warranty support, or innovative features during the period of extended support.            

Note: All this applies to only Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Not to the other base versions of that specific operating system.

As the extended support will be accessible for those who sign licensing agreements, so, there’s no benefit in continuing with this OS. Rather than staying with W7 that sounds expensive, you should switch to W10. Yup! Windows 10 is the only platform that ultimately managed to overtake the market share of this widely used OS version.

Overall, released almost a decade ago, Windows 7 still holds a noteworthy user base. But, when Windows 10 is available with advanced features, there’s no big reason to remain stick to this old operating system that’ll soon stop receiving security fixes and updates within a year from now. So, be smart and instead of coming across issues in using this about to obsolete edition, go for Windows 10. Don’t hesitate and do it as soon as possible because even the online tech support company suggests the same.             


What features are offered by Online Tech Support to users?

Online Tech Support is the need of hour for every computer user. The reason for that is quite obvious it is affordable, secure and time saving. No service can ever match to its level and handle issue the way they used to do. Facing any sort computer problem is quite irritating. The hardware and software issue that people usually face are disk failure, data recovery, software install and virus troubles. To clarify such issues, expert team need to be contacted. Just contact them as they are present to assist the customers at any time. 24/7 helpdesk is available to customers.

pic (2)

Technical issue can appear anytime with your computer device and need to get proper solution immediately. Contact team that is ready to help at any situation without thinking about day-night. They are capable to clear all the issues in a very systematic way. They are expert and are qualified enough that no error will appear again with the computer in future. The best thing about them is they are present every time and are ready to take any challenge. No domain is out of their scope and innovative technologies are always in use from their end. They are prominent to handle all the customers issues with politeness.

The other issue that computer user experience on regular basis is software installation. People feel uncomfortable during software installation and lands into severe technical issues. To clarify any such situation, the expert team is always available to guide the user. Just take their service and feel the difference. Operating System is very much needed for proper functioning of the device. A proper installation, setup and configuration is always a priority to work in a productive manner. Technicians are proficient to clear all the queries by giving best guidance at lowest price.

Features of Online Tech Support Company in Australia

  1. Affordable

The very first thing a user look in a support firm is the pricing. If the service plans, they are offering are affordable, a user feels no hesitation to get their service. Most of the support firm are affordable and charge money as per the issue. User can come across number of plans and can chose the best one.

  1. Secure

Security is the most advantageous feature of online support. All the fixing work is done via remote connection over the internet. User has full authority to keep an eye on the working of technician. If user seems anything suspicious, they can instantly contact the technician over the toll-free number.

  1. Time Saving

The major issue user experience is to carry the device to repair store. This process seems to be quite hectic and time consuming. A lot of labor needs to be done, in addition to that a user needs to wait at repair store to get their PC fixed. All such troubles are removed by the online support. All repair work is done via remote connection. User can get all issues resolved relaxing at their home.

From above features, it is clearly stated that computer issues are quite annoying and needs to be resolved on urgent basis. To get them fixed with proper assistance, a technical team is ready to help at online support.


How to fix up issues with your computer with these simple instructions?

Computers play an important role in our daily life. We perform all sorts of activities on it to attain quicker results. But! If someday, the PC comes around any issue, a lot of tasks get pending. To get over the issues with the PCs, help from the experts at anytime can prove beneficial. Technical glitches with the computers are common, so, it is important to have that knowledge. If the issue still persists, contacting the Online Tech Support engineers can prove to be beneficial.


Here in the blog, we will be going through some important tips that can help in encountering the issues with the PCs easily:

Run a Complete Virus Scan

This is one of the most effective solutions for fixing computer issues. Viruses often create ample issues that can hamper our daily tasks. Other than this, opting for a reliable antivirus software can help in overcoming the issues concerning the computer. A reliable security software enables users to witness a change in the performance of a PC. Other than this, to get full control over the same, users should not get worried and contact Computer Repair Technical Support engineers.

Update your Software

Well, this is the most common problem that can affect the overall performance of the computer. Updating the software can also help in receiving regular security patches and bug fixes to correct many problems that can take place in a PC. But, thankfully, the computer gets many updates automatically that can help in fixing many of the issues easily.

Cut Down the Unused Programs

These are the elements that can create some of the complex issues with the PCs. Cutting down the unnecessary bloat can help in fixing up many security issues. They create unwanted space and that troubles the users in accomplishing their regular tasks. Browser extensions, low disk space, and more issues can crop up further complications. So, a regular check on the same can to an extent curtail the issues.

Checking the Wi-Fi Connection

Monitoring the Wi-Fi connection can also be helpful in decreasing the issues with the computer better. Such sort of issues can only be resolved by having a quick look at the connection and how it is connected. To fix up the issue instantly is by updating the operating system, rebooting the devices or switching Wi-Fi off and then on can be really helpful in keeping issues at bay.

Check on the Overheating Issue

If the computer crashes at random times, there is no specific software program that reminds it. There is a likelihood that your PC or laptop is overheating. Users can simply invest in another fan or a laptop cooler in a situation of overheating.

The Issue of Background Noise

More and more programs running in the background can be the reason for sluggish performance. For this, users can Open Task Manager to check what is using up the RAM. If some of the entries under Processes & Services do not make sense, users can run a Google search for details of what they are.

Well, these were some of the issues that can arise with computer. To settle down the issue, the above-mentioned tricks can be followed with care.


Most Important Services Offered by Online Tech Support



Online Tech Support is the most vital part for a business operating online or offering online services. A number of issues are experienced when working online and that moment you don’t have any sort of idea of fixing them. Online help desk can assist you definitely in that scenario. This is reliable and fastest means for solving such problems which usually comes while working with your system. Now let’s discuss about technical difficulty which usually reported by experts-

  • PC Optimization
  • Antivirus and Internet Security
  • Data recovery
  • Installing and Set Up
  • Operating System and Gmail Support

PC Optimization- This issue is usually coming from young people who always try to learn different things that are quite good but on numerous occasions they make the PC work out of its limit. This causes PC to create a number of troubles or making it slow. This makes you upset and create a sense that this device is worst. Tech professionals usually experience such kinds of errors daily and know very well how to deal with it in a better manner.

Antivirus and Internet Security- Viruses are quite annoying for a PC and every Pc user is fighting against virus with help of antivirus application but most user don’t know to handle that software. Internet security problems are quite annoying and need to be handle in a proper manner. If you don’t have any idea to protect your PC to these kinds of issues then proper guidance is required from experts of tech support company.

Data Recovery- A number of times computer users after a certain limit experience that data stored gets corrupt. Once all your important information is lost and the best way to handle with such activity is data recovery. Exerts can assist you to get your data safely.

Installing and Set Up- Experts can help to install programs, software, games or any sort of installation work. Installation is seriously difficult for new user and hard to control it. Generally, people take guidance of technical team when they launch any service related to computer. Thus, online experts are always ready to handle different challenges.

Operating System and Gmail Support- Another crucial work done by the Online tech support company in Australia is to handle operating system and Gmail issues. As these are quite significant for all people. When Gmail account get hacked then you can take assistance from the tech support team.

I hope all major important points are covered by online support team. These days support experts are available 24/7 for helping troubled users. Hence, need not to worry for any sort of technical issues. Just contact online firms offering technical support services and fix your problem in short time. Team are proficient to clear the threats in the simplest manner.


Online Technical Support- A Delight for Troubled Computer User

A computer is of huge help to every people whether technical or non-technical. No matter what work it is, whether it is computing, collecting data, designing or simply any other job, a computer provides the platform to work and connect. But when facing any issue and cannot handle computer issues on your own then contacting Online Technical Support is mandatory.


Being an electronic machine, a PC has a number of complicated features that may hamper it’s working. Cyber threats like viruses, malware, and spyware are not new to a regular PC user. Such troubles may end up in losing data. Earlier when a user faces any problem, calling up onsite technician was a usual activity that ended up in spending a huge amount of money. These days, the concept of Online Support has emerged, that is about availing assistance from expert via remote or on call. The services are offered with the help of experts, who are thoroughly trained on numerous troubleshooting aspects. They are trained by the certified authorities and can help in the maintenance of the computer device.

What’s on Offer?

There are multiple issues for which online technical support can help you to fix computer issues. Gone through intense training and knowledge, experts present at support have the proficiency in resolving an issue to the core that is a vital to fix a solution. The services offered covers the problems like clearing and blocking of viruses, spyware, and malwares. They can help the user to install or uninstall a software application and also assist in the installation of any peripherals. These technicians can also offer valuable tips on maintaining the device to make it fast and trouble-free in processing.

Benefits of Online Computer Support

Online Tech Support comes as a perfect solution to your multiple issues. The major benefit of the service is that one could simply get the device fixed without taking it out of the house ensuring time and effort is saved. The user device is connected to technician with remote session who can resolve all issues within few minutes. The technician then performs the troubleshooting work and customize settings to come to a resolution. Latest technology and tools are installed for fixing the issues and then providing a complete set of useful instructions. The services are offered as a complete package including onetime payments followed by infinite services all over the year. Apart from this, some of the facilities are also definite so that the user doesn’t have to pay till the issue is completely fixed. The services are present 24/7 for complete satisfaction and can be obtained at any location or moment. To conclude with, Online Tech Support, is a cost-effective way to avail accurate services. These services are accessible 24/7 and amongst multiple companies, the user is free to make a choice.


5 Ways Organizations Fail in Regards to Cyber Security

As a new report exhibits, several companies are failing in maintaining the rudimentary cyber hygiene & thus, leave themselves susceptible to be hacked. Well! This is perilous for not just such exposed businesses but even the whole digital world. Wondering how? The answer lies in an old saying – one malicious fish can spoil the entire pond. Passionate to prevent enterprises from being cyber-attacked and turn into such fishes that disseminate malevolent infections, I am here with this blog.


It is a guide prepared under the supervision of mavens at an online tech support company that has been serving people with the best security tips and help services. So, go through this informative post and be conversant to why organizations are facing failure in relation to cybersecurity. This will aid you in hardening your company’s defense and reducing the possibilities of successful cyber-attacks in 2019 and coming years.

Ways Organizations Fails at Cybersecurity Basics   

  1. Taking Long to Deal with Unauthorized Users or Devices: All new gadgets or users connecting to your network needn’t necessarily harmless. There are chances that the unknown people and devices can be a trap set by attackers want to access your network. As removing unauthorized access can take hours, firms usually ignore it. But remember – even a small unlawful link can damage all systems of yours.

Solution: Be strict about having an accurate list of authorized devices and correct system level authentication so as to prevent unauthorized connections. 

  1. Fail to Monitor Software Running over Network: We live in an era of self-service where shadow applications pose risks to networks. Almost 80% of companies lack keeping track of all applications they are deploying as maintaining an inventory with every app takes a lot of time & is really difficult.

Solution: Application whitelisting aids in running only sanctioned software, thus, reducing the chances of dubious programs entering into your enterprise.

  1. Infrequent scanning for threats, vulnerabilities, or slow patching: The advanced attacks are so nasty that they can easily evade detection. However, most companies conduct scans for vulnerabilities, threats, and more but on longer basis. Moreover, when it comes to security patches, organizations ignore scanning saying that it takes a longer period of near about a month.

Solution: Go for the vulnerability scans supported by patch management systems that encapsulate both the OS & third-party apps. This ensures automatic installation of updated versions.  

  1. Ineffective Log Monitoring: Log Monitoring is a peerless way to identify unusual or suspicious activity that could impact the functionality of organizations. Most businesses aren’t taking log seriously and review them once or twice in a month.

Solution: Gather & monitor as many logs as you can. After that, put them into a well-organized system that can easily be aggregated, reviewed, and filtered.

  1. Allowing Misconfigurations: Improper configuration is a common fact that leads to a number of successful data breaches.

Solution: Deploy configuration management tools. They ensure automatic implementation and redeployment of configuration settings, both for cloud environments & on-premises.   

While cyber-attacks are continually grabbing attention, organizations are still undone with their comprehensive protection. Failing to keep up with the basic security practices is enough to show their carelessness. Security plays a significant role in improving both – the health and the wealth of your business, so, consider it carefully. Be ambitious & join the battle against cybercriminals. If need any help, consult online tech support company in Australia.        


Make Your PC Performance Smooth with Online Tech Support

With a number of Online Tech Support services, one can easily fix your issues, saving time and money on top. Online assistance to fix the computer or laptop troubles is becoming quite popular due to the facilities it offers. The experts can take care of all your troubles and in addition you can control the actions taken on the device with the use of remote technology. There are plenty of reasons why people opt for online technical support. For a better understanding, let’s go through some of the reasons.

online tech support

Why choose Online Support services?

  1. Service Provided after the Warranty Period Too

After the termination of warranty period, the company has no responsibility to fix your device issues and it will not be secured anymore by them. However, with the availability of online services you can avail the services even after the warranty period is terminated.

  1. Budget Oriented

The companies offering technical help services have multiple packages for you to select from. You can go through the packages and services provided and choose the one that meets your needs. Again, you can also select for the one-time service facility and get the service spending small sum of money.

  1. 24/7 Service

As you know, troubles never ask for authorization before coming, so an issue can happen any time of the day in your device. Now, getting the help of an expert from the company for fixing PC might be an issue on a public holiday or midnight. But, with such online assistance available, you can get round the clock services that is 24/7 anytime and anywhere.

  1. No Limitation of Geographical Location

When you go with the online support, you are completely free of the location restriction. You don’t have to concern about the location or timings. The team of technician can work on your device along with working on the problems with their most advanced remote system technique. They can easily fix your troubles sitting in their office.

List of troubles that are fixed

  • BSOD (blue screen of death)
  • Windows installation errors
  • Audio video troubles
  • Windows service pack and update issues
  • Wireless network problems
  • DVD/CD drive problems
  • Windows upgrade issues
  • Driver issues
  • Printer problems
  • Internet browser and Outlook mail issues
  • Windows login issues
  • Language issues
  • Microsoft Security Essentials & virus removal problems
  • Miscellaneous issues

Online Support Company in Australia

With the number of computer users growing at a very fast pace in Australia, this kind of online support is gaining status and the service providing firm is growing leaps and bounds. Some of the trustworthy companies offer reliable online support, offering the best results and assisting you to avoid any computer-related future troubles.