A Brief Overview of a Perilous Ransomware & Tips to Stop It


Undoubtedly, names of several ransomware dangers are not just strange but funny as well. For instance – ‘Bad Rabbit’. As the name provides a picture of any villainous bunny, anyone can hardly digest that it’s a malware that damaged hundreds of businesses in Europe. Additionally, the funny-named ransomware SamSam that surprised everyone last year is also one of the most devastating malware strains ever released or disseminated. Whether aware of these names or not, if you’re surfing the internet and/or using PCs, smartphones, etc., this blog by online tech support maestros is for you.

To know why?

Because ransomware’s dictionary doesn’t include the words like ‘pity’, ‘mercy’, or other with the same feeling and can hit anyone. Before attacking, it never thinks that the target is an individual, small business, or large organization, meaning that everyone is susceptible. Hope, this is enough to make you understand that regardless of you use a single computer or many gadgets, each is at risk to be victim to ransomware attack. Now, when you understood that such tricky malicious programs are harmful to all who browse the web, be vigilant and go through the further guide. It will aid you in staying safe against damages due to the worst SamSam & many other malevolent files.                 

What is SamSam?

It is a secretly developed and launched ransomware that has been targeting enterprises opted by its developers. It is ransomware software that was created to executes a number of more devastations in addition to just help hackers for locking up their target’s device like other earlier ransomware programs. Hence, the task to combat this ransomware is really more arduous in comparison to the previous ones. As per engineers at experienced online tech support company in Australia, no traditional defensive strategies can stop it.

What Sounds Worst? While one SamSam strain is in use, the ransomware coders come up with another succeeding strain.    

What Can or Should You Do?

So far, the tactic this perilous ransomware deploys to disseminate itself and harm people includes an act of accessing victims’ networks through web-facing servers. It travels in form of an executable file and gets unleashed via Remote Desktop Protocols. Therefore, while there is option to prevent it by locking down the specific RDP, the best strategy encapsulates a policy covering activities such as:    

  • Enforce an RDP policy
  • Keep all the software programs updated
  • Set the OS running on your device to get automatically update
  • Secure all your IoTs with robust antivirus that update itself automatically
  • Consider maintaining the security of the cloud technology you are using to save the backup of your data
  • Forbids unauthorized individuals from having access to your administrative privileges.

All these are the proven safety tweaks that keep several ransomware dangers including SamSam & others at bay. So, the knowledgeable and proficient experts at a trustworthy online tech support company suggest you to stay diligent in exercising the cybersecurity tips.


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