Brief About Microsoft’s Announcement on Ending Support for Windows 7

The June month of last year was flooded with the talks that Microsoft is going to shut down the official support for Windows 7. Now, with the new year, it appears that the brand has really made its mind to sundown Windows 7. Having questions like; why the company is doing so? What will happen after this? What to do if you are using a device running with this OS? Let’s go through this blog by avid professionals of an online tech support company in Australia and be accustomed to solutions to these as well as other related queries.  

Brief About Microsoft’s Announcement on Ending Support for Windows 7

How the World Came to Know About This Act by Microsoft?

Stating that the brand will end offering support for this specific operating system from 14th January of 2020, an updated Windows lifecycle monitoring sheet expose this info. Telling that Microsoft is not at all in a mood to continue with any more security fixes or updates for Windows 7 after the mentioned date, it warns users with this OS-powered computers or laptops that they can use it for just one more year.     

Prior to this announcement on cessation of forum support for users of Windows 7, Microsoft decided to end the mainstream support for the same in the first quarter of 2015. But that seems to generate ambiguities, hence the company extended timeline to terminate the services in January month of next year. It is really sad for Windows 7 users as they are left with a minimum time of only one year at their disposal. But on the other side, it’s a quite long time in which the users can easily shift to newer versions. Are you also in the list of those who are still clinging to the old operating system? Please be vigilant and switch to a suitable edition as it is not just important but necessary to stay away from cyber-attacks that can occur due to security fixes’ paucity from Microsoft’s end.

Do Users Can Get Anything from Microsoft?              

An answer to this question can be achieved by reading the report collected & disseminated by the online tech support company. As per the report by researchers of this firm, Microsoft explained that the extended support will serve regular customers with paid technical assistance, security updates, and non-security updates. The brand will neither accept nor work on requests for design modifications, warranty support, or innovative features during the period of extended support.            

Note: All this applies to only Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Not to the other base versions of that specific operating system.

As the extended support will be accessible for those who sign licensing agreements, so, there’s no benefit in continuing with this OS. Rather than staying with W7 that sounds expensive, you should switch to W10. Yup! Windows 10 is the only platform that ultimately managed to overtake the market share of this widely used OS version.

Overall, released almost a decade ago, Windows 7 still holds a noteworthy user base. But, when Windows 10 is available with advanced features, there’s no big reason to remain stick to this old operating system that’ll soon stop receiving security fixes and updates within a year from now. So, be smart and instead of coming across issues in using this about to obsolete edition, go for Windows 10. Don’t hesitate and do it as soon as possible because even the online tech support company suggests the same.             


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