4 Significant Security Trends to Consider in the Year 2019

New year fervor is in the air! Not just users but even the online tech support mavens are excited to enjoy the upgrades in a variety of applications, software programs, and devices. But in excitement, we should not forget what our digital world has been suffering from the past few years. Moreover, we must be vigilant about every rudimentary to major subject pertaining to cyber-security.



This year, we had come across several threatening news encompassing information about data-breaches, identity thefts, and many other cyber-attacks. We should not let the things repeat. At the time of new year, we all must have the resolution to win the battle against the rapidly growing cybercrimes. Don’t be surprised! Although simple users (even without tech know-how) yet you can play a vital role in making the coming and all other future years safe. What you can do? Stay conversant with the approaching security-related trends so as to have most out of the precautionary measures and tools, in addition to keeping the threat and vulnerabilities at bay. Starting from now onwards, let’s have a look at…

Security Trends the Year 2019 will Bring along with the Tactics to be Prepared

1. Hidden cryptocurrency miners will continue to multiply. Taking benefits of this increase, the malware designers will attempt to disrupt the businesses. Allowing hackers to generate quick cash for themselves, crypto mining will flourish as a perilous threat.

Maintain an eagle-eyed lookout and use state-of-the-art tools and applications designed to detect and remove such dangerous exploits.

2. Better Automation That’ll be Crucial for Defenders Can be the Game Changer: As threats are becoming more complex day by day, securing the devices, personal details, and networks seem very arduous. To decrease the complexities in order to ease the process of ensuring safety, the cybersecurity and online tech support companies are expected to come with better security tools and tips.

You are supposed to properly use the protection suites that are going to launch in 2019. Holding more sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) features, these upcoming trends will for sure aid you.

3. If Users don’t Play Responsibly, Cloud Security Can Remains a Snag. A number of people complained that cloud security fails in keeping data secure. Well! The real cause was the configuration errors arose due to users’ negligence. So, there’s a need that every user should understand his/her responsibilities so as to prevent becoming the weak link that appears as holes in robust cloud security.

Don’t neglect your role and achieve the best out of the expected new cloud security features that’ll launch in 2019.

4. The old Need of Having Backup will Persists In 2019 as well. Sad but you can’t evade backing up your vital data even after being facilitated with the high-tech security tools of the coming year. This is because the tricky malware that impacts the hard disk drives, the operating system will continue.

Hence, be habitual of keeping backups of your significant files along with learning the tactics and having tools that enhance your antivirus’s power of threat detection and eradication in 2019.

Bottom Line: These are some of the top predictions and trends in regards to the coming year. It is obvious that the online attackers will continue making attempts to execute a number of data breaches and cyber-attacks. Hopefully, the aforementioned suggestions by online tech support company in Australia will keep you away from many of them in the year 2019. However, these 4 are not all! We’ll soon come up with more trends.


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