A Brief Intro to the Trendy Facebook’s Fight Against Ad-Blocker


Are you an avid reader who stay vigilant to online trends? Or Are you a Facebook lover? You have possibly come across statistics about Facebook’s hidden fight against the ad-blockers. If you are keen to get information encompassing ‘what it is to what impact it made to more’, this article is for you. Rendered with the aid of adept Online Technical Support professionals, it is obliging even if you are unaware of this matter but inquisitive about knowing ‘how your lovable FB is turning better?’

 For good understanding, let’s start with…

 What is Facebook?

 Abbreviated as FB, Facebook is a popular and vast social networking website with millions of existing users and hundreds are adding on daily basis. Allowing users to post and share photographs, links, comments, etc., it has become the most entertaining site that users love browsing for hours and hours.     

 What features does Facebook hold?

Features that are responsible for the great popularity of Facebook are as follows: 

  • Facebook facilitates users to create and maintain friend lists and to set the privacy settings as per their preference. As an FB user, you are free to opt who can view the posts, comments, etc., on your profile.
  • Facebook benefits businesses by allowing easy and effective social media marketing.
  • This is a platform that enables you to upload and share photos.
  • It allows online chatting, audio and video calling. 

Now, after being quite conversant to this great social media site let’s begin with further content directed by mavens at reliable Online Technical Support Company.       

What Tactics does Facebook Implement to Thwart Ad-blockers? 

In order to win the hidden battle, the professionals working for this huge and widely used social network injects up to dozens of code lines on almost every page. This is to make the task of detecting and hiding the sponsored posts really difficult or near to impossible for the ad-blockers. 

But unluckily this attempt is founded to turn the site less efficient and prevent software like screen readers from working appropriately. This type of software is used by impaired users. To block advertising, the developers try to determine patterns within the website’s code which are likely to be identified and hidden consistently. For the plug-in, it appears easy to detect the word ‘sponsored’ or to spot a container labeled as ‘ad’ within the webpage’s code. Hence, companies such as Facebook deploy coding tricks that obfuscate their ads. 


Some of the operative tricks/ tactics Facebook deploys to fool the ad-blocking plug-ins are:

  • Breaking and/or isolating the word – ‘sponsored’ into a number of small chunks. Each chunk holds only one or maximum two letters.
  • Inserting some extra letters within the word Sponsored. For example – ‘SpSonSsoSredS’. Remember – they are not visible (hidden) to the viewer/ reader.  
  • Adding the vital word to almost all the posts available on the news feed on regular basis even those which are not ads. After that, another piece of code is used to hide the same on non-ads.

Taking care of the users, Facebook facilitates them with some controls in order to influence the advertisements they come across. In addition, you can’t select and control watching ads entirely but you can undoubtedly influence the kinds of ads you view. It is possible by giving feedbacks or hiding advertisers or ads that you don’t wish to see again.

Wrapping Up:  Online ads are common while browsing websites nowadays. Hope, the attempt that leaders are making to win the arduous battle against ad-blockers will prove beneficial to the users. If there’s any doubt in association with the aforementioned statistics or if you are desirous of more details, consult the deft Online Technical Support Company in Australia.

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